The LMU Computer Science program has several dedicated laboratory facilities designed to support its academic and research goals.

Keck Lab and Learning Annex - Doolan 112

The most visible of all the labs is the Keck Computer Lab. This is the department's primary general-use lab and to a large degree is the hub of the undergraduate social scene. Students come to the lab to work, collaborate, and study nearly every day of the week.

The south side of the Keck Lab is a learning annex, equipped with multiple workstations and a high-definition projector for hands-on instruction. Many computer science courses hold sessions here so that students can try things out with the instructor close at hand.

The Keck Lab is generally closed on holidays and between semesters. Semester hours vary depending on available Teaching Assistants, who, when available, can assist users with the equipment and homework.

Any student enrolled in a computer science course has access to the lab and with one account may make use of any of the resources in it. Workstations in the lab provide Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows for your use. As a matter of principle, we try to be platform-agnostic on the client side. Servers run on Linux and other open source software.

Students with laptops will find both dedicated workstations with second monitors, network jacks, and power outlets as well as a wireless LAN for their use. Ethernet cables are available from the TA on duty to checkout. In order to use the wireless LAN, you must first register your laptop with your Keck account.

Software Engineering Lab - Doolan 217

The Software Engineering Lab provides a collaborative environment with special tools and facilities to support courses that have software engineering elements. Students can meet in the lab and use it for small project and team development. The Lab also houses alternative computing devices and platforms for projects that involve such hardware.