The department recognizes that the field of computing, particularly the disciplines of computer science and software engineering, provides a rigorous foundation and preparation for careers in Biology, Genetics, Computational Biology, Medicine, Medical Imaging, (Web) Search, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Online Music and Movie Distribution, Entertainment: Film, Television, Animation, Gaming, Mobile Devices and Applications, Security, Defense, Cyberwarfare, Aerospace, Business, Law, and Medicine. We therefore have undertaken a number of collaborations with other fields that go beyond the offering of simple interdisciplinary courses:

  • WIth Business and Finance, we contribute courses to the B.S. degree in Applied Information Management Systems.

  • WIth Biology, we run both a team-taught biological database class and a research project in genetic mapping.

  • With Psychology, we run a team-taught seminar and course in Virtual Worlds and contribute to LMU’s Virtual University.

  • With English, we have held team-taught courses in New Media.